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An Invitation to Reflect

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

An Invitation: Telling the Story of the Story Field Conference


Inspired by two stimuli:

•    The need to provide a report to our conference sponsor, the Kellogg Foundation; and

•    David Korten’s articulate longing for insights into the topics and questions which framed our Conference Intention


We invite you into…

Telling the Story of the Story Field Conference:

Making meaning of our collective experience


One insight from a post-gathering conference call is that while we were all physically in the same place at Shambhala Mountain Center, we actually experienced many different conferences.  Each of us has our own version.  Rather than a few of us telling the conference story through one lens, we invite you into co-creating the “many stories loosely knit” that will paint a fuller picture of this multifaceted event from all our viewpoints.


For a start, here are two arenas in which you can join in co-creating this bigger story:


1.  Reflections on the questions that captured the initial intention of the conference (we had these posted on the wall)

What else could we be and do together that can make a profound difference in the unfolding story of our world?



•    What brings stories to life?


•    How do our current stories shape us?


•   What life-serving narratives do we sense emerging?


•    How might the stories we wish to live come alive everywhere?



2.    Creating a multi-media story


Are you moved to work with the audio/video/imagery/music/poetry of the conference to tell its story?  If so, let’s play! 

You’ll see places on this page, and in the wiki more generally, to contribute to any of these areas.  Please dive in wherever you wish to contribute. 

If you are not comfortable on the wiki, please email us your thoughts and stories.


Thank you,

Peggy and Tom


P.S.  If you have suggestions on the Report Outline or its content, that is also welcome. 


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