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Board Game

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The above is the 3 chapter excerpt from a philosophy book that describes the game Dollarocracy as a metaphor for the destructive mainstream currently operating in our world, as well as a layout for an alternate Game of Exchange - or, Game of Conscious Manifestation.


The chapters above do not give concrete "rules" about how to play this game as a physical boardgame. Yet using a physical boardgame could be quite the thing to introduce a new paradigm to people and to ourselves.


The link below is my current draft for how to play Layer One of the boardgame. It is an envelope for containing several different types of messages and useful responses to the same. I once heard a remarkable quote from a neuro-linguistic programmer: "The meaning of a message is not the intent, nor the content ... it is the response." We can identify what type of message we are trying to deliver by naming the response we are looking for. Take turns placing your marker on the board and exchanging messages. At the culmination of a round of the game, all the messages are combined to create a collective story. The point of the whole thing is to instigate consciousness - more ability to engage in what makes the best of our own life.


The map shown on this page is of my home Cumberland County Kentucky. If you played with your own version, you would put your own local map on the page.


About the way of play - If you have other suggestions or adaptations, I would love to find out about that. Enjoy.





Again, these two pieces are copyright by Kaye Williams, for the purpose of sharing with you for your own play.

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