Cleavage Point for Deep Change

What is the Cleavage Point that brings Deep Change? / A new story of Past Present & Future…

Convenor:  Michael Schacker— author of forthcoming book 21st Century Transformation: A new story of Past Present & Future

Attending:  Alli Starr, Seth Henry, Skye Burn,  Joshua, Brian Good, Sherry Herndon, Ashel Eldridge, Omar,  Jo Hannah, Anodea Judith, Stephen Silha


Scribe:  Stephen


I looked into diamond cutting to find out about cleavage points.  A diamond cutter only has one strike.  Has to be right force, right tool, right spot.  When they have a big diamond, they gather groups of diamond cutters who study it for weeks.

If we can focus our energy on the deep cleavage point of our history, we can make change, turn it into jewels.  

In order to study this, I went back into history.  At what point did other societies shift their paradigm?  Historical pattern:  Greeks had philosophy that birthed laws of nature and scientific methodology.  Society didn’t change, though, just because Pythagorus

Herodotus wrote a new history of the world, and opened up Greeks’ eyes to other civilizations.  People became aware of different myths in different cultures.

For a paradigm to be successful, needs to explain: