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Conference Calls

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 8 months ago

Think of these as more gift exchange / marketplace offerings, just like we had at the conference. To join a group just add your name to the list, or contact one of the convenors. You can also create new groups for other people join.


If you need help using the wiki, contact someone on the Tech Team.


Convenors can then contact people to organize/announce the phone calls, and/or post the information here on when and how to join the call.


Theme: Meditation and Prayer

Convening: Harry Pickens

Other participants: John Abbe, Amy Lenzo, Frank Dunn, Sue Mosher



Theme: Second Conference

Convening: Adin Rogovin, Vanessa German, Gayatree Erlandson, Nancy Glock-Grueneich

Other participants: Jo Hannah, Brian Good, John Abbe, Sheri Herndon, your name here!


Theme: Harvesting

Convening: John Abbe, Nancy Glock-Grueneich, Harry Pickens, Aeron Miller, Gabriel Shirley

Other participants: Jo Hannah, Brian Good, Lion Kimbro, Stephen Silha, Amy Lenzo, your name here!



Convening: George Johnson

Other participants: Vanessa German, Jo Hannah, Brian Good, Amy Lenzo, Sheri Herndon, Gabriel Shirley, your name here! (George has many others names)


Theme: ChurchOfEvolutionarySpirituality

Convening: LionKimbro

Other participants: ? (put your name here!)




Other participants:




Other participants:

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