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Creating a multi-media story

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Creating a Multi-Media Story

Are you moved to work with the audio/video/imagery/music/poetry of the conference to tell its story? If so, let’s play!

If you want to take an active role in shaping a cohesive multi-media story of the conference, that can be used as part of the Report, and various other uses, contact Amy Lenzo.


If you have work in any media that you'd like to share, please find the places on this page to contribute (list titles under the appropriate area, and create a new page for your creations); if you don't see a space for them, make one!


Please dive in wherever you wish to contribute. If you are not comfortable on the wiki, please email your thoughts and stories to someone on the Tech Team, or Tom Atlee or Peggy Holman.




By My Life, I Am the Planet, by Alli Chagi-Starr


The Voice of the Devil, by William Blake


Videos of Vanessa German's performance of Hey Man, I Like Your Shoes and If my hands were anything other than hands: Aeron Miller

More Video of Vanessa German at PopTech.




There are some photos: here (Flickr) and here (.Mac)


The tags to use when adding your photos to Flickr are "sfconf2007" and "storyfieldnet"








Aeron Miller has posted videos of some of the banquet night performances. They're also on YouTube, tagged sfconf2007 (if you post videos to YouTube, please also use that tag).


Bruce McConnell has posted videos. The most recent is Laurelyn's story of "How the Pipe Came to Me." There is also a video of David Korten's presentation. These are also on GoogleVideo (this link takes you out of the Storyfield Wik).







Also see CrowdSourcing


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