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CrowdSourcing at the Story Field Conference


CrowdSourcing is about creating and collecting stories while we are together, then publishing them in electronic formats, including websites, blogs, wikis, and YouTube. We can influence the Story Field while we are here, just by sharing, capturing, and publishing our stories.


Want to support making this a reality? Join the Tech Team!


Want to play? Here are some opportunities:



We suggest using the tags sfconf2007, storyfieldnet and story for any photos, video, bookmarking or other tag-enabled services where you're referencing resources related to the conference. The first two tags are so that there's one specific to this year's conference, and another for anything relating to other conferences or the movement in general.


E.g. bookmarks - http://del.icio.us/tag/sfconf2007



Grab your camera and check out:


  • Opening Ritual – Sunday evening
  • Sunrise Sessions – 7-8am Tuesday and Wednesday
  • David Korten and Michael Dowd will each present a 1hr session, on successive days.
  • There may be an additional Sunrise Session on Thursday, TBD
  • Storyfield Talks – approx 9-10am Tue, Wed, Thu - 4 x 15 min talks each day
  • Possibility of additional talks on Monday
  • Other emergent possibilities in open space sessions and evening activities


A few people who have expressed interest: Aeron Miller, Bruce McConnell, and possibly Paul Brubaker & Shalini Kantayya


Want to learn how? See one of these folks!


Still Photos

Take photos

Upload to http://flickr.com/


Want to learn how? Ask the Tech Team!


Photos up already: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/sfconf2007/

More photos: http://gallery.mac.com/gshirley#100016&view=slideshow&sel=0



Got one? Write down a story and publish it while you’re here.

Don't have one? Publish your creations and conversations to the blog.


If you want to learn about creating your own blog, ask the Tech Team.



Want to play or sing? Look for opportunities in the evening, or other times that present themselves.

Want to jam? There are jamming partners here. Talk it up, you’ll find them.


Want to podcast? Partner with the Tech Team and/or the video folks above.



Got some to hang? See Dana Lynne Anderson

Want to create? Check out the arts area for supplies


Want it online? Talk to the photographers and video folks above.


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