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John Abbe

Page history last edited by John Abbe 16 years ago

My home page: http://ourpla.net/

Many ways to contact me: http://ourpla.net/cgi/pikie?ContactMe

Blog: http://ourpla.net/cgi/pikie?ObBlog


Some of what i participated in at the conference:


My imagined foci, from before the conference:


Other than a few hours focused on some personal inquiry, almost all of my attention ended up on supporting what was happening at the conference itself. Next year i intend to bring more of my own story perspectives (eg deep assumptions, Consciousness is our Oxygen Challenge, historical imagining of how domination culture arose), and offer the Storycology Project.)


  • Of course, exploring the story field. Some themes i may play with:
  • Social:
    • Staying in touch with friends, making new friends
    • Helping everyone have a good time and stay connected
  • Exploring some personal inquiries/expressions through story, an opportunity unexpectedly brought to my attention by http://freewillastrology.com/ (see the relevant horoscope below) - I imagine the results will be general enough to be meaningful to others
  • Tech:
    • Sharing story opportunities tech brings us, e.g. Alternate Reality Gaming (see below) and:
    • Supporting people in person at the conference
  • Games:


For when that horoscope above goes away in a few days:


Many of us don't always know what we feel. At times we may have a vivid sense that we feel something, but we're not sure what it is. That's why musicians, writers, actors, and other creative people play such a crucial role in our emotional lives. Their work can help us articulate the mysteries unfolding within us. But here's the problem: There are some artists out there who aren't very smart or original; they express only the most hackneyed and superficial feelings. If we look to them for illumination, we're cheated. So your next assignment, Leo, is to home in on the enigmas that are swirling within you by seeking the guidance and inspiration of only the very best artists: those who have cultivated a high level of proficiency in their heroic struggle to find meaning in the fascinating chaos that surrounds us.

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