living statement

This is the living statement that the Taking integrated new stories to mainstream culture started and John Abbe put up on the wall. It is typed up here by Lion Kimbro.


(edits from the wall coming soon... --John)



This is a living statement of our work/play. It will never be finished. Please edit and/or add comments to make it more complete.


We are each immensely powerful - our moment-by-moment choices, actions, and beliefs are creating the world as it is. Love and trust are in our nature. Beliefs, choices, and actions can be changed through alignment with our highest values and choosing to create something different. They are also powerfully shaped by the storyfields and social systems we live in.


We are awakening to our inter-connectedness, and can and are together creating much more compassion and equity across the globe, with each other, and in the larger systems and stories we are part of, especially the living story of all life, our planet, and our evolving universe.


To the degree we fail, we face global catastrophe, much ongoing pain, and old and new perils.


To the degree we succeed, we will take the next, small steps, in our thrilling human journey.


(And here, imagine many links to stories expressing the pains, the perils, the possibilities, practices, and more.)