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March 28

Page history last edited by John Abbe 12 years, 11 months ago



March 28, 2007


Attending:  Peggy, Tom, Stephen, Gabriel, Margo, Susan, Heidi




Invitation Status


17 people have registered – amazing given how early in the process we are!


Margo – Connected with communities of color.  Felt the graphic at the end [the universal child] will not work as it feels very white. 


[Note:  Dana has offered to do some color magic when she returns from India on April 8.  Margo will resume inviting in communities of color once the graphic is revised.]


Tom – A highlight – Deena Metzger – famous writer.  Michael Toms and Justine Toms – New Dimensions radio – had signed up, but subsequently discovered a conflict and can’t be there.


Stephen – sociologist – Victoria Kaplan, found a connection to Peter Horton – director of Gray’s Anatomy.  Still looking for connections to Oprah, Maya Angelou.


I emailed to my contact one degree separation from Steven Spielberg.  Will get her feedback about attraction from the film world.


Gabriel – Feeling that we get one shot at the more mainstream invitations and harder ones.  He is putting those off to get more experience on how the invitation comes across.






We reviewed the welcome letter (http://storyfieldteam.pbwiki.com/Welcome%20Letter ; see below for login info).  It will go to people once they’ve registered both with us and with Shambhala.


We discussed coming a few days early for altitude.  There was some conversation about story fielders hanging out in Boulder.  This seemed a perfect use for the conversation blog.


Gabriel is going to set up a wiki for ride shares.  He has also created an online space for our things we’re reviewing and giving feedback on, such as the welcome letter.


Please have a look, add your contact info to the contact list, and add what you think belongs on the To Do list. You can also create new pages as needed.






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