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Mystic Nomad Mutual Support

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Monday Session: How Can Mystic Nomads collaborate to leverage our individual visions?


Convener: Emily Bouchard

Recorder: Emily Bouchard

Other Participants: Patricia Varley, Darryl Bouchard, Sheila Kinkaid


“Mystic Nomad” Definition:

Nomad: moving from place to place to share and teach; bringing together in the community those hwo have never met.

Mystic: knowing that material possessions are impermanent; that it’s all temporary anyway. Living the spiritual lesson that “home” is within – knowing that things outside of us are impermanent.

Mystic Nomad: Someone who moves freely and lives from place to place as their heart calls them. They stay in a community as long as their heart feels that it is the right place to be, from a place of service and love. They make meaningful connections in communities they that last a lifetime and that do not need physical proximity to stay connected.


Exploration covered a variety of topics related to feeling like and living like a Mystic Nomad:


(1) Patricia’s “Soul Pods” – Like-minded connections in places where she lands; where people who live near each other meet through her offerings and maintain their connections after she moves on. She creates women’s groups and gatherings for community to form and stay connected, and then she goes back to visit.


(2) The experience of the flow – a powerful, on-going experience of the universe supporting the lifestyle – where everything easily falls into place – where to live, places to visit, homes given to us to stay in for free or very affordably, even with short notice, even during high season. The direct experience of the flow of mutual support, where friends and friends of friends benefit from our arrival financially, emotionally, and spiritually. There is a sense of effortless ease in networking and attracting spiritual soul groups where-ever we go.


(3) Dealing with Judgments of others and letting go of our internal judgments:

What are you running away from? …discovering what we’re moving towards

We encounter issues others have about our lifestyle: “When are you going to settle down?”; “when are you going to grow up?”; “you’re just a gypsy/hippie.” Breaking out of the old conditioning of how it is supposed to be. Our lifestyle goes against the grain.

Instead of focusing on job security and safety, we prefer to use our money to live this lifestyle – we make choices with how to use our resources that are different than the rest of the culture.


(4) Seeker mentality: while feeling uncomfortable staying in one place for too long; there is also a longing for a garden, a dog, a sense of place and home. Missing our aesthetic possessions that are in storage – things that feel good around us. When the call comes to find the right place to settle and build a place/home that is more permanent, visit www.findyourspot.com for a free assessment re: where to live using evocative questions regarding home and community.


Values: Freedom and Autonomy


Identified shared issues: Stepping in to giving to ourselves; allowing ourselves to have what we want. Creating the space. Be present; be with yourself in the present, Now – don’t put things off until when I’m home – since home is wherever I am in the moment. Bringing a traveling alter/sacred objects with me when I travel, so that wherever I am, I can create a sense of home and place in the moment. Bringing exercise videos and small packages


Action: Use the power of the Full Moon eclipse happening that evening to let go of fears or whatever needs to shift so that we can begin to move towards what we want; and to ask a question we want an answer to – be specific.

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