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Powerful Images of the Universal Story

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What are powerful images, narratives, and sounds that will awaken others to the universal/new story?

Led by: Allison Quaid (aquaid@gmail.com)

*session participants: please add to notes if I left something out*


  • Rap can be a powerful motivator - Gen Up Mixes It Up
  • In terms of participatory art, you could make mandalas, where the universe OR a person is drawn in the center of the mandala, and the connections to the universe/humanity spiral outward – so that the connections are clear
  • Could also use collage and photography as activities for getting people connected to their universal/divine nature
  • Need to re-frame the prosperity story
  • Identify imagery that already resonates with people – that tells us how it will resonate with other people
  • Give people the question and let them choose the images.  For example, ask kids “how are you connected to the universe” and give them images to answer that question
    • Jane described an example where NYC asked kids to tell them what a sustainable NYC would look like, held a contest, and the winning entries adorned public buses & transit stops
  • Budweiser and Guinness (UK only) ads have great evolutionary/creatheist imagery
  • Anima and Manga is full of great examples of spiritual evolutionary nature images – some of the best examples are seen in Pheonix: A Tale of the Future
  • The Sims – cartoon characters that might give some inspiration for imagery
  • Use idea of us as stardust, and ourselves as compost/waste for regeneration
  • Co-opt images from advertising
  • Digital stories: Ratatouille, Happy Feet
  • Averting Extinction – massextinction.net
    • The Call of Life – trailer about the mass extinction crisis
  • John Brisco – from Council of Churches
  • George Lakoff – Linguistics assistance
  • Conduct focus groups to learn how to get people to respond – the weather is one way to frame climate change in a non-political manner
  • Focus groups have shown that overwhelming people disengages them, instead we want to empower them to take action
  • Best way is to frame people as parents and ask,  Do you care about the future of your children?
  • 11th Hour (film) has some good imagery
  • Mark Bockley – framing consumerism – “the trance”, “infertilization of culture”
  • Could illustrate the process of internalizing the great/universal story and showing what it means to a modern household
  • Present bad news in context of evolution and show the tremendous opportunity to act
  • Michael Dowd said that what really resonates with teenagers is his analysis of understanding how our brain and evolution works (furry lil mammal, etc.)
  • Pop culture uses iconography of butterflies for connecting the change agents and transforming the planet
  • Tree image of thousands of butterflies
  • Where is the masculine imagery?
    • Spiral dynamics?
    • Sky scrapers, maps

Post-session metaphors that have come to mind:

-Magnetic change agents - small to big actions really matter

-The metaphor is that we are like magnets, and each time we make a right choice, we increase the strength of the field of positive manifestations inside and outside ourselves.  We also attract others doing the right thing, and thereby create a stronger field that re-inforces a positive reality.  That positively magnetized field also faciliates new configurations, thereby increasing the possibility of positive manifestations. 

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