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Reflection and goodbyes

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People gathered in groups of three to reflect on their experience using these questions:






Reflection uncovers what is up for us, what it means, and what is now possible. Doing this can deepen and broaden our collective sense of our experience so that we integrate and amplify its effect.


Please interview another person and draw out their story so that they relive not only the facts, but the “music”—the feelings, the energy, the excitement, the color—of their story. 


Please take notes.  We can use them to communicate to others (including potential funders) about what happened here.  If you use paper, please give to Peggy or leave by the message board in our meeting space (by the sign).  Alternatively, post your notes  at http://storyfieldteam.pbwiki.com/discussion.php?page=Post-conference%20reflections



1.      What blew your mind?



2.      Describe one or more "high points" for you at the gathering.  What made it powerful? 



3.      How has the experience made a difference for you?  What tangible outcomes are you inspired to pursue (i.e., commitments to action, new relationships, new ideas)?



4.      What did you learn at the gathering that you most value?  Was it something about the process, or stories, evolution, relationships, taking action, or something else -- even that unnamable quality - call it grace or spirit?  Perhaps you have a mix of insights that emerged for you.  Please tell me about them.



5.      What, if any, post-gathering activities would you like to do with other participants?



6.      What advice would you have for making future gatherings as powerful as possible?



7.      On a scale of 1 (unsatisfactory) to 10 (mind and heart blowing), how would you rate this conference?  Why?



Interviewee Name (optional):  ____________________________________________


Interviewer Name (optional):  ____________________________________________


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