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Session Notes

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This is where session notes from the conference are listed. See the Session Notes how-to for detailed instructions on how to post your notes.


Sunday, August 26


Opening evening




Monday, August 27


Also see the photographs of the full Monday session wall


Morning ceremony at stupa


Blowing our minds




Cleavage Point for Deep Change


Mystic Nomad Mutual Support


Communicating with Computers


New narratives-- grounded and compelling (Mon afternoon)


One Act Play - participants


Notes from Metaphors that Rock and Your Vision Story (Gabriel and George’s session)


Monday evening circle




David Korten's talk, and follow-up




Tuesday, August 28


Also see the photographs of the full Tuesday session wall


early am


Lunar eclipse




Taking integrated new stories to mainstream culture


New Yorkers Connect


Viewing of Shalini Kantayya's A Drop of Life


The Launch Group, Day 1




3 Questions Circle




Worldchanging to Worlddoing Tues afternoon


Michael Dowd's talk (title?)




Tech Team: Crowdsourcing


Family Healing Stories


Powerful Images of the Universal Story 




Tuesday evening circle


Tuesday evening program




Wednesday, August 29


Also see the photographs of the full Wednesday session wall


Wednesday morning circle


Integral StoryField Work




Lion Kimbro and Anodea Judith


Stupa Tour






Wednesday evening circle


This is It


Board Game


Story Circle



Thursday, August 30


Also see the photographs of the full Thursday session wall




DVD video viewing of Van Jones at Pachamama conference




Conscious Coupling: Changing the Paradigm and Narrative of Relationships






Soul and infrastructure for after the conference


This Is It #2






Thursday evening circle


Banquet and performances


Friday, August 31


Closing ceremony


Reflection and goodbyes


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