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Taking integrated new stories to mainstream culture

Page history last edited by John Abbe 15 years, 1 month ago

Participants: Adin Rogovin, Barbara G., Allison Quaid, Sheila, Skye Burn, Heidi Nelson, Jane, Lyn Bazzell, Nancy Glock Gruenich, Michael Schacher, John Abbe 


The group explored the following questions:

- How do we engage the mainstream culture with the new story?

- What is the transformative effect of penetrating the larger culture?


"An Inconvenient Truth" and "Sicko" were offered as examples of how important conversations were opened up in the mainstream. The following observations were made:

    - Keep doing it, Keep at it, Keep practicing

    - Work from one's passion


Message clarity is very important. We felt that we still don't have the right message. What is the message? Who is the audience? How can we get this new story out in pictures? How do we express the message that truly matters?


We spent time talking about who is the "we"? Is it just the people at this open space session? at the conference? a collection of "we's" (other groups also doing this work?). All these different "we's" are all necessary to move the story into the mainstream. This circle of "we' (the storyfield conference participants) see one of our tasks will be to nurture the seeds of the story and help in them bloom.



Once we have our coherent message, we have the skills and know-how to get the message out. The sense of the group was that we are pretty close to having this message. Gore's film, Hurricane Katrina and the climate report from the world scientists (Organization/title of report/) have brought greater awareness into the mainstream, reaching a tipping point that provides us with an opportunity to bring our story into the mainstream working through the message.


We spent some time working on this living statement (click that link to see the current version, which continues to be edited):


(Note that this is a Living Declaration)

We are each immensely powerful - our daily choices and actions are
creating the world as it is.

We are awakening to our inter-connectedness, and can and are together
(because love and trust are in our nature) creating much more harmony
across the globe, more harmony with each other and the rest of life
and the planet.

To the degree we fail, we face many perils.

To the degree we succeed, we will enjoy endless promising possibilities.

(Point to all the specific stories - history, present-day stories,
future stories that play this out in various ways)
Please provide us with your feedback.
This message will also be posted on the wall this evening (Aug. 28) to gather feedback from the group-at-large.
Discussion continued to flow around Our culture is going through a paradigm shift whose patterns are parallel to the paradigm shift represented by the Enlightenment. Using history to tell the emerging story may be  way to reach people within a context they understand. Michael Schacher will be convening an Open Space on this later this week.
Nancy told us about how Harvard University is undergoing a major overhaul of their undergraduate curriculum. There was some discussion about how we could influence the curriculum to develop collaborative skills, critical discrimination and a new perspective on teaching history. One of the ideas that surfaced was to work with college students, both in an intern role or to have them create school projects about the storyfield.
To support the message, having examples of people doing the change will demonstrate that this is really happening. Jane offered some work that she is doing in her life around integral healthcare as an example. She has been reaching out to MDs in NYC who already practice integral health by giving them a copy of "Consciousness and Healing" published by IONS.
(....stay tuned....more to come)






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