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The Tech Team wants to serve the whole, and whatever your relationship to tech is, we need more Story Field folks to do this well.


A lot of seemingly tech questions have come up already, but many of them are more about process than technology. These questions involve everyone, and something other than technical skills. Just one example: how often do e-mails go out, about what, and to who? We imagine that each of us has people and projects we want to stay connected to, and at the same time doesn't want to get overwhelmed.


So, we're hosting a phone call to which everyone is invited:


This Sunday, September 23

10 to 11:30am

Call: 712-580-7700, code: 734357

See or help make up an agenda here: <>


It would also be great to have one or more people from each Story Field group or project (future conferences, TELAVISION, others we're not yet aware of). Your presence would bring in what those projects needs are, and what tools they're already using, so that we can support communication and information to flow as smoothly as possible.


And if you do want to get involved in the tech itself, great! Even if you feel you don't know much yet, we're very happy to share what we know. It's easy to learn enough to make a difference - for example, being able to edit the wiki and explain that to someone else is hugely helpful.


Finally, if you have input but aren't going to be on the call, just e-mail or phone someone who will be. The people i know are coming so far include me, Amy, Lion, Kaye, and Leslie.


Hope to "see" you Sunday!


LionKimbro: I'm deleting this husk, if nobody says anything soon.