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Most of the continuing conversation of this group is happening at http://storyfields.grouphub.com/ (contact George Johnson to get access), and in weekly phone calls every Thursday at 3PM Pacific. The number for these calls is +1-218-936-1200, and the code is 082807# (note the NEW NUMBER and CODE!)


Also see the YouTube channel for videos the group is making: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=TelavisionVideo


Agenda for the September 27 call (from Conversations):


  1. Confirm planning session at Whidbey – costs, confirm attendance, agenda and discuss other possible group activities
  2. Planning the next calls – report from planning group and your input. here are some suggestions.
    1. The Image of the future
    2. Why videos on positivity and the future – Malcolm's philosophy on refrain from negativity
    3. How do we weave the whole of Storyfield with Telavision
    4. How do you create a Vision Video
    5. What else needs to be done, how do I fit in
  3. Brainstorm – what are the areas for TelAVision we can start working on now


Thursday, Sept 6 Tell a vision conference call notes.doc

-- Does anyone mind if I wikify this document, so that I can hyperlink it up, and connect into it? -- Lion Kimbro


Thursday Sept. 13 WhiteBoard on Agenda for Seattle in November


November 27: SF Telavision Ph Conf NOTES 9-27-07.doc


below are the session notes from the conference:




Telavision Work Group notes

August 30, 2007


Attendees and Their Gifts


1. George Johnson – Coach & Visionary, Experience growing businesses, Founder of Internet Broadcasting, a network of 75 TV web sites,

2. Bruce Mc Connell – well organized, sees the big picture, can take it to action, connection to the government

3. Janet Rae – Time, good with people, community organizer, organized groups for What the Bleep

4. Kaye Williams – writer, community organizer, passion about playback video

5. Brian Good – writer, editor, good with graphics, experienced at TV

6. Paul Brubaker – 16 years working in NY national media including 10 years as a producer for the Today show, time, commitment to set up Inspired Legacies as a way for wealthy families to create a legacy

7. Cate Montana – 16 years TV, 20 years professional writer, radio, marketing public speaking, lots of energy, wants something bigger, does What the Bleep newsletter

8. Lyn Bazzell – loves people, loves people, consultant, spiritual organization background as executive director, motivates people, move off plates, very lucky, Now

9. Anodea Judith – Piercing intelligence, correlations, smart, healer, author, speaker, musician, artist, conductor of ceremony, visionary

10. Amy Lenzo – online design, sacred space, community builder, especially online, all about beauty

11. Lion Goodman – Business, procedure, making things happen, big picture and action,

12. Dana Anderson

13. Omar Zubaedi

14. Troy Lugh


Others who have shown interest in participating

Sheri Herndon – futurist, co creating positive futures

Sheila Kinkade – connection to Nokia as a possible sponsor

Emily Bouchard – senior coach the Williams group, working with family foundations; founder of blended-families.com and the Got Heart? Project.

Gabrielle Kelly – Documentary producer from Australia

Anne Stadler – has connection to Whidbey Institute close to Seattle for our next meeting, wants to be part of group ( Note: I talked to Fritz Hull as I was leaving. He is the founder of Whidbey Institute and will help us secure the space)

Harry Pickens – He has been studying the correlation between civilizations decline and their vision of the future. Hitler and Churchill as an example for World War 2.

Guys from Free Range - Louis Fox and Jonah Sachs

I’m sure there are others


Tom Atlee shared a note saying that Swami Beyondananda uses the term tell-a-vision and we should contact him for help spreading the word


Brian Good offered that his brother does music for film and might be very excited to work with us.

Paul’s interest – Inspired Legacies.com Tracy Gery a Pillsbury heir set up to give her money away. Set up new models for people who want to create meaning in their gifting.

The square root of one percent. Discussed as a unified field theory and science of creative intelligence. If you get this number of people to adopt something you can create CHANGE. In the US this is 187,000.


What are the organizations that we should look to work with? Please add your own here is a brief list.


Channel 6 TV

Good News Network

Paul Hawkins organization WiserEarth.

Would someone like to create the list and is someone interested in taking a role of contacting other organizations down the road?


To see a channel of existing Vision Video Stories go to www.malcolmcohan.com. With this new technology anyone can create his or her own TV channel.


Some ideas

Capture all of the people that have developed vision boards from the secret

Paul – break down our currency including our stories. Find an exchange for currency and our talents

Janet – bring group together locally to share their visions and support each other

Work with youth to have them develop Vision Videos for baby boomers. We coordinate and match. George’s example of taking 15 hours to create a vision video and his daughter did one in 3 hours

The Vision Videos or Visions for Humanity are one minute long that are played on media. They take people to a common website where we can have longer pieces that give the full story


What do we call this



The gift exchange


( Note George has secured the url TELAVISION.org)


What’s next Strategic planning session

We agreed to come together for a 2-3 day strategic planning session to be facilitated by George in the Pacific Northwest the on a weekend in early November. Cate agreed to look into possible sites. ( Note. George will secure Whidbey this coming week, stay tuned.)


Group conference calls

We are going to start group conference calls every Thursday at 5:00 central, 3:00 pacific. George will communicate the number. An agenda will be developed. We will need someone to take notes. ( Note: The conference call NUMBER is 218-486-3600 ex 4146431)



We develop a Video Vision Story for our vision. We need to create a Video that describes what it wil look like when we have accomplished what we have set out to do. We worked on the first part that is the poem or words we will use.

(Amy suggests that we all create our own 1 minute vision for humanity video as well as the group video)


Here are the brainstormed words. George agreed to put together a first draft of a poem to share with the group.


Positive message

Love is the Opening Door

We are the ones we have been waiting for

We are all connected

40,000 local communities deepened

Outrageous effective action

Everyone can create a vision

The square root of one percent

10,000,000 participate

Media and the Internet

Future now


Everyone can play

Every minute counts

60 second videos

Tell the stories

Every connection leads to one

Take over the media for DAY

These are movie trailers that send people to 8-12 minute movies for the whole story


What is our purpose?


Just doing one changes you

Inspire and ignite

Sense of possibility

Change the course of the future

Help answer what to do with my life

A movement


Blessings to all,



George Johnson

3070 Lake Elmo Avenue

Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042




Here is my Vision Story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rEUAYKBoF8

And Vision for Humanity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9UlKGq47nw





This group continues to meet and develop the project further. See the notes from our meetings here: Notes from Ongoing Meetings.


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